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Like a Lady Firearms Training

Because we trained to shoot before we were allowed to vote.

Like a Lady Firearms Training

Because we trained to shoot before we were allowed to vote.

Safety & Skill without the Stress

Safety & Skill without the Stress

Why Like a Lady Firearms Training?

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No matter how society leads us to believe gender equality is the norm, women still have unspoken societal constraints that govern how we... eat... dress... speak... sit... Better do it all “Like a Lady.”   Now is the time to learn how to protect yourself - “Like a Lady.” 

I value running courses that emphasize firearms safety, confidence, and practice, while upholding NRA & MCRGO standards of training and ethics.  While concealed pistol license classes are open to men and women, my overall mission is to afford women who are less experienced or comfortable with firearms an opportunity to learn in a stress-free, encouraging environment.... and have fun while we do it!

Instructor Credentials

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Chief Instructor, Alycia Pollotta, has been studying lethal & non lethal force for over a decade. 

Certifications & Experience:  
US Marine Corps (Martial Arts, Rifleman, Non Lethal Training)
NRA Certified Instructor 

MCRGO Certified Instructor
Krav Maga Level II 

Ain't your daddy's gun club

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With safety in a stress-free environment as a priority during every class, my goal as a firearms instructor is for each student to develop (or practice) confidence with their gun(s).

I offer my students experience, passion, and perspective as not only a responsible gun owner, a firearms instructor, and martial arts student... but as a woman and a mom.